Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Rhythm of my Coffee

Each morning, I wake up slowly. I walk groggily toward my alarm, managing to find the off button after ten minutes spent recovering from being so rudely ripped away from my dreams and rest. My mind begins to come to terms with another waking day, and I begin my routines.

My day always remains a routine until I have my first, and almost always only, cup of coffee. It can be a sip from the coffee made before I leave the house, deposited into my travel mug. It can be the cup from Starbucks when the work morning is too busy to go farther. It also may be the far more delicious cup from the Intelligentsia on Broadway street that I biked a couple of miles to get to on the weekend.

I try to make each day's coffee as exceptional as possible. I don't use the drip coffee maker anymore, because I prefer the oils that are left intact by the French press. I almost always would take Intelligentsia over Dunkin' Donuts coffee; although the Dunkin' Donuts coffee really isn't a bad alternative.

The process of acquiring exceptional coffee helps make it into my daily ritual, and I've found that for me, it helps me reset the rhythms of my day into what I prefer. It gives me a moment to just relax and let my existence move at the rate it wants to, rather than the rate that the world around me is demanding from me.

Join my cult of coffee.