Monday, October 27, 2008

What an exciting week we have ahead of us

As time runs short 'til Election Day, we find ourselves at a seemingly bright outlook, a much brighter outlook than I had planned on, anyways.

Obama may not be the best candidate ever (how vague can I be here, right?), but he is leaps and bounds ahead of what I see coming from the current GOP.

It's been very entertaining to watch the Republican campaign of Senator McCain and Gov. Palin tear itself apart. Apparently, McCain and Palin barely speak to each other, and there have even been remarks about her going "rogue" lately, she and her supporters are apparently grooming her for a later run in politics and a possible presidential campaign. Now there's a scary thought - can you imagine the colossal step backwards the country would be taking?

But those thoughts are best left for crossing that bridge, and hoping that the American people can cross that bridge without falling off, when we get there.

Seven days now til election day. While I hold no grand delusions of this intangible "hope" or "change" that Obama's campaign has for sale, I do think that he will be far and away the better choice for this country's presidency. He seems to exude calm and rationality, and here's hoping that this is the real Obama.

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LoveAndBeer said...

I actually consider McCain or Obama a descent choice -- a nice change of pace from 2004.

Both have said things I like. Both have said things I dislike. Neither have said anything I hate -- in other words neither has said something that would mean I refuse to vote for them.

Now I just have to decide which one I'm actually going to vote for...

/not that it matters in KY
//think McCain is up like 16 points in this state
///hence why we never get a presidential visitor -- EVER
////Hildog did show up during the primary though